Family & Children Dentistry

Dentistry is a fun experience for the whole family!

At St. Andrew's Dental Surgeons, we aim to be the one-stop oral healthcare provider for the entire family. It's our goal that we will be able to care for our patients from a young tender age till they are well on in years.

We are a children-friendly practice, with a dedicated dental surgeon catering to their dental and oral health needs. In Pediatric (or Children) Dentistry, our goal is to get them acquainted and accustomed to dental care from a young age. As the age-old adage goes, "Prevention is better than cure!" Good oral health, even of the baby teeth is important as they allow the permanent teeth to erupt properly, proper development of the face and speech development. A harmonious smile, even at a young age, gives emotional stability and confidence in self.

Orofacial and dentoalveolar growth and development can also be assessed and interventional treatment can be done to correct any anomalies at an earlier stage.

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