Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile speaks volumes about you!

A great smile exudes confidence, security and dependability.

Creating a beautiful smile can involve different aspects of dentistry: teeth-whitening, crowns and bridges, veneers, direct resin restorations, implants and orthodontics. Your dentist is well-trained to provide you the best options available to create that beautiful smile you've always desired!

We provide In-Office Teeth-Whitening as well as Customized 'Take-Home' Teeth-Whitening Kits where you can obtain that whiter smile at your own leisure and convenience, in the comfort of your own home! Using whitening gels of 20% carbamide peroxide or less, 'Take-Home' Teeth-Whitening is safe and easy to use. What's more, touch-ups can be done periodically at your convenience, with additional whitening gels easily obtainable from our practice – no wonder 'Take-Home' Teeth-Whitening is becoming increasingly popular with our patients!

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